Meet Alexandra Harwin

Alexandra ("Ali") is a civil rights attorney who represents victims of employment discrimination. She is a partner and co-chair of a national employment discrimination practice at one of the country’s leading public interest law firms. As a lawyer she has fought for women who have been underpaid at major corporations and law firms, victims of sexual harassment, and employees who have been discriminated against based on their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and age.  A legal publication recently named Alexandra one of the top five employment attorneys under 40 years old nationwide.

Alexandra earned her college degree from Harvard, where she was the top-ranked student in her graduating class.  (That’s also where she met her husband.  More on their family below.)  After college, Alexandra worked in Washington, D.C. at the progressive Center for American Progress, where she performed economic policy research for Gene Sperling, who served as the national economic advisor to Presidents Clinton and Obama. Alexandra went on to earn her law degree from Yale Law School.

Alexandra lives in Ridgewood with her husband, Noah Fabricant, and their two daughters, Lorry (4 years old) and Franny (1.5 years old).  Alexandra and Noah got married in 2010, and they chose to move to Ridgewood shortly after their older daughter, Lorry, was born in 2014.  Lorry and Franny now attend Ridgewood’s wonderful Infant/Toddler Development Center at the Glen School.  Lorry and Franny love to vote and are very excited about their Mommy’s election!  Lorry is quick to remind voters that the polls open at 6am. 

Why I'm Running

My husband and I moved our family to Ridgewood because we love this town.  Ridgewood gives us great schools, a great downtown, commuter access to the City, strong local traditions, and a community of neighbors who care about maintaining our hometown for each other and our children.  

I decided to run for a seat on the Council because Ridgewood is my family’s home, and I care deeply about its future.  But the current Council leadership is taking Ridgewood down the wrong path. They have raised taxes and fees, while lowering the quality of our services. The roads are in disrepair. The Central Business District has an alarming number of vacancies. I have also seen our town become increasingly divided over issues that should be resolvable, and instead of engaging in respectful dialogue, the leadership of the Ridgewood Council has fanned the flames. And an ethical cloud hangs over Village Hall because of charges of nepotism and fiscal mismanagement. 

As a civil rights attorney, resolving tough disagreements is what I do. I believe in listening to people who have opposing views. I have experience bringing people together and finding ways to move forward when options and resources are limited. Those skills are exactly what is required at Village Hall, and I am standing up to put my experience and energy to use for the community where I’ve chosen to raise my family.